Short Courses

Call for Short Course Proposals

The ICARD 2022 committee invites proposals for short courses to be presented at the 12th ICARD, September 2022. The date for the short courses is still to be confirmed.

  • Deadline to Submit Proposal:  September 24th 2021, 11:59pm AEST
  • Please submit proposals by email to:

Requirements for Short Course Proposals


Suggested topics include but are not limited to: mine planning; characterisation, classification and prediction; scaling from the laboratory to the field; designing, managing and closing mine waste facilities; climate change effects; remediating legacy sites; modelling; corporate governance and social licence and the economics of ARD management.

Course Title

The title of the proposed course should be concise and accurately reflect the content of the course.

Lead Presenter

Identify one person as Lead Presenter. Future correspondence will be conducted through the Lead Presenter, who will be responsible for informing the other instructors.


Presenters must have demonstrable expertise in the discipline (qualifications to be included in the proposal). Each presenter's role in the course should be clearly defined. Please list previous short course/teaching experience.

Course Length

Short courses are generally either half-, full- or 2-day courses.


Please specify minimum and maximum enrolment.


State the objectives of the course in a few sentences.


The description, 200 words maximum, must cover the purpose of the course and the topics to be discussed.


Include a concise listing of topics to be discussed.

Products/Course Materials

List the products to be distributed and their format (e.g. hardcopy of course notes, memory stick, etc.). ICARD will produce the material for distribution.


Please list all equipment you will need to conduct your course (audio-visual equipment, computers etc.)

Cost Estimate

Please list all costs for which you expect reimbursement. Itemise by category and provide accurate estimates.

Special Needs

List any special room, space, or equipment requirements. Also list items that you expect participants to bring (laptop computers, for example).

Contact details

Details of the Lead Presenter.

Contact Details

Please direct all short course enquiries to:

ICARD 2022 Secretariat

ICMS Australasia
Kristina Liska